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19 days ago

Student Academic Awards Ceremonies

We will celebrate the first semester achievements of our students on Wednesday, February 7. The students will be recognized during their regularly scheduled specials time. You will receive additional information from your child’s teacher.

SMART Watches and SMART Devices

Since we returned from the winter break, many students have come to school with SMART watches and SMART devices. As a reminder, cell phones and cell phone-like technology is not allowed at school. There has been a rampant issue with students taking pictures and videos of other students as well as with students sending and receiving messages during school. Therefore, SMART watches are no longer allowed during the school day.

Lockdown Drill

During the week of February 12-16, we will have an unannounced Lockdown Drill. We will call parents once the lockdown drill has been completed. Thank you for supporting us as we practice keeping our students safe in the event of a crisis.

Parent Night

Our next Parent Night will take place on Thursday, March 15, at 6:00pm. The Book Fair will be open throughout Parent Night. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Year Round Schools are Coming to GCPS!

During this past fall, Superintendent Dr. Alisa McLean conducted a series of Kitchen Table Conversations held throughout the county.  During this time, we repeatedly heard a desire for a CHOICE of Year-Round Schools for our students.

The Granville County Board of Education is moving forward with plans to introduce Year-Round School programs at the following schools as CHOICE programs (offered to all students in the district):

Butner Stem Elementary School
Butner-Stem Middle School
West Oxford Elementary School
Northern Granville Middle School

Each of these schools would operate with 2 separate calendars: one group of students on a traditional calendar, and one on a year-round schedule. In addition, these schools will identify thematic programs of instruction, including the possibility of Global Academies, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Programs.

Your Voice Counts

As part of the next step in the process, we invite you to complete an interest survey about Year-Round schools. Your opinions and ideas will help us plan next steps.


Lunch Visitation Reminder

All parents, grandparents, and family members are welcome to visit with students during lunch. When all students return to their classrooms, parents should report to the office to checkout. Parents should not walk students to class as this has caused a disruption to the school day. Students have not been able to return to instruction in a timely manner due to parents/families walking students back to class. If you would like to come observe or volunteer in the classroom, we would love to have you do so. However, you will need to set these times with the your child’s teacher in advance. We are always looking for volunteers to read to students, talk to students in the cafeteria to let them know the community cares about them, and mentor students. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact Colleen Haas ( Thank you for your support!

Scholastic Reading Tip for Parents: What’s “Just Right”? 

Children feel confident and competent when they read books that are “just right.” But how do you find a “just right” book? Have your child read the back and front cover, and the first page of the book. If there are more than five words that he cannot pronounce or understand in context, the book may be too challenging. Be supportive of finding a more perfect fit. Choosing the right book will help your little reader feel successful.

School Time Clarification
The instructional day is now 7:25am to 2:45pm. Therefore, all students who arrive after 7:25am will be considered tardy. At that time, parents will need to park in designated parking spaces, come inside with their children, and sign the children in on the computer. Also, thank you for your patience as we continue to make adjustments to make our dismissal process as efficient as possible. We appreciate your support!
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  • Learning about energy and conservation!
  • 4th grade students building gnome homes out of renewable resources.
  • Learning about robotics!
  • STEM Night!
    STEM Projects!
  • Teacher of the Year!

  • Mrs. Currin kisses a pig to support United Way!
  • Students learning about Native American history!
    Students learning about Native American history!
  • Hour of Code!

Air Quality Updates for BSES

3 months ago

Reports, updates and next steps...

Good news!  The results from the tests taken on November 14 show all clear.  Below are the official results:

Still in the clear!  The results from the tests taken on October 24 show a "normal indoor fungal ecology".  The official reports are listed below:

Good news again!  The latest results taken on October 10 show normal air quality.  The official reports are listed below.

ALL CLEAR!  The latest results are in from the laboratory testing on September 26th. Click below to see the official reports:

The latest results are in from the laboratory testing on September 12th. Please click here to see the unofficial letter, and links below to the official reports:

The results from the environmental laboratory testing that was conducted on Sunday, September 3, 2017 have been received.  Please click on the links below to see them.

By Dr. Stan Winborne, EdD