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Vocabulary: Students don't have to spell these words. They are only expected to know the meaning of each word.
Vocabulary Test will be Friday, January 17, 2020.
Wordly Wise List 6

1. grain – n. 1. A tiny hard piece of something. 2. The seeds of cereal plants such as corn, wheat or oats.

2.cube – n. A solid figure with six square sides.

3.lizard – n. A cold-blooded animal with a long, narrow body. It has four legs and a long tail.

4.seam – n. 1. The line made when two pieces of cloth are sewn together. 2. A layer of some natural material that lies between two other layers in the ground.

5.miner- n. Someone who works to dig coal or useful minerals out of the ground.

6.cone – n. 1. An object that has a round, flat base and comes to a point that the other end.2. The fruit of a pine or other evergreen tree. It holds the seeds.

7.fuel – n. Something that is burned to give power or heat, such as wood, coal, or oil.

8.present – n. 1. The time that is happening now. It is between the past and the future. 2. Something that one person gives to another to show love, friendship, or thanks.

9. earth – n. 1. The third planet from the sun and the one we live on. 2. Soil or dirt

10.fern – n. A green plant with feathery leaves. It does not produce flowers.