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Classroom Rules

about 1 year ago

Listen to directions
Enter and exit prepared
Always try your best
Respect others
Always try your best!

Contact Info

3 months ago

The best way to reach me is via email.  I will make every effort to respond to emails the same day if received by 2:00. Please note that I can't accept emails for changes of transportation, you may contact the front office for those changes. 
If you need to set up a time to meet with me, I am available most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's by appointment between 10:20-11:00.   Other times can be requested and arranged on an as needed basis. 

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Grading policy

3 months ago

All assignments have a total value of 100 points. All assignments are due by the date indicated unless a student has been absent the day it was assigned or the day it was due. All late assignments will have 5 points deducted each day it is late.  Classwork will be completed in class if it is for a grade because I need to determine what each student knows independently.  

Math assignments that have a score of a 70 or below will be able to be redone for a chance to get up to an 80.  This is a great time for students to gain more confidence while receiving small group instruction for content they have not mastered yet.  

Homework is collected each week and students earn points to use toward incentives.  Students receive 1 point for completed math homework and 1 point for reading responses.  All reading responses have to be turned in to earn points.  


3 months ago

On Monday's we review the homework and expectations for the week.  Students are asked to write down their homework in their agendas or notebook to ensure they know what they need to complete for the week.  The expectation in third grade is that all students are responsible for their own agendas/notebooks and for taking materials needed home.  I provide several prompts/reminders throughout the week about homework and expectations, but it's up to your child to complete the work and turn in.   Late homework will not be accepted unless the student is absent on Thursday.  

Spelling words are given every other week.  Your student has been given their list to study from and write in their agendas- there are two lists-please be sure your child studies the correct words!

Vocabulary words will be given on the opposite weeks from the spelling and will be tested on the opposite week from the spelling test.  Students are given a list of their vocabulary words every other Monday.  I will also provide students with a quizlet link to help them practice.  

Each week students will be given their homework for the week for math.  In some instances, I may send home an extra practice sheet for your child for additional support.  

Students who complete their homework and turn in on Thursdays, will be given points/paw bucks to use for special incentives.  

By Nancy Odom

Online Resources

about 1 year ago

Supply List

about 1 year ago


You may refer to the school webpage for the third grade supply list.  Please be sure that your child has at least five notebooks to start off.  They need one for each subject.  They will need to have an agenda to write down their spelling words, assignments, and important information.  Please send in a clipboard and earbuds or headphones.