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Group Rules

over 3 years ago

By  Laura Haycraft

1.  Listen.

2.  Follow directions.

3.  Raise your hand.

4.  Be respectful and kind.

5.  Do your best reading and writing.

6.  Use your strategies when you read.

7.  Read your take-home books that I give you each day for homework.

8.  Bring your take-home books back each day.    


over 3 years ago

By Laura Haycraft

1.     Read your take-home books aloud to your Mom or Dad.  Think about what you are reading as you go along.
2.     Explain what is happening in the text to your Mom or Dad.  Let them ask you some questions about the text.
3.     Put your take-home books in your reading bag and put it in your backpack so you won't forget to bring it back to school the next day.

Reading Strategies

over 3 years ago

By Laura Haycraft

Remember to use your strategies when you don't know a word:

1.  Use the picture clues.
2.  Look for consonant clusters that you know.
3.  Look for word parts or patterns that you know.
4.  Look for little words inside of bigger words.
5.  Read the words around the word you don't know and come back to it and see if you can figure it out.
6.  Say the sound of the first letter in the word.
7.  Try reading the word and ask yourself, "Does the word sound right?"  "Does that word make sense in the sentence?"